Is Pro Gauntlet’s price out? Not quite

Are 450 USD too much for the Duke Nukem Forever of HEMA gloves?

Maybe so, maybe not, but this is the price of the Pro Gauntlet, as can be seen on the website of American supplier Purpleheart Armory.

Sadly, as they informed us, this is not the final price. It will be in the ballpark, and they are aiming to keep it under 500 USD, but they are not sure.

What will the price in Europe be is still a mystery, but if the American one is really around 450 USD, one can guess – around 400 EUR. Which would put the PG a step above the Koning gloves and other five-finger choices on the market.

Considering the years of research and development invested in those gloves, the ambitious goals, and the generally favourable reviews of the prototypes till now, this might very well be a fair price.

This price is also an indication that the Pro Gauntlets team is ready to either start with a clear version 1, or add some incentive for the first buyers. And let’s not forget the people who kickstarted PG so long ago it was like shinai with crossguards were still being used.

If you do not remember, and I don’t blame you, there was no perk in the original IndieGogo campaign that rewarded you a pair. The 100 EUR donation gave you a 125 EUR for the final discount.

One can hope they do not go down the route that Neyman did, testing their unfinished product for full price on customers.

And there is no need for the Pro Gauntlet to be the one-and-only HEMA glove, even if it is better than what is on the market. SGs and SPES Heavies, which are more than twice cheaper, will still be good and accessible gloves.

Either way, this is a good sign that we will soon be seeing the glove on the market. Hopefully the price will be justified and we will get to see the first fully protective five-fingered sparring glove.

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