Fencing Freaks – Endomondo for HEMA

The second app in out mini-series is Fencing Freaks – a new tool for tracking your HEMA performance, statistics, and tournaments data.

Jakub: Who is it for?

Daniel Zub, creator of Fencing Freaks: With Fencing Freaks, you are able to track your trainings and sparrings every day because you are the only one person responsible for judging yourself on a daily basis.

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A lot of people dislike using electric devices for their hobby, so I guess it’s not for everyone. But if you use your phone or PC to track your other trainings or expenses, you will probably also enjoy Fencing Freaks.

How do you use it?

You can find Fencing Freaks on official website or on Google Play. It does not have iOS version yet, but web version of the application is adjusted to smartphone screen.

Fencing Freaks – HEMA app

For now, you can track your trainings and sparrings. You will also see red labels with information that you exercise too little, if it’s going to happen. Fencing Freaks will try to motivate you to exercise and spar.

Each fencer can provide as much information about himself on the profile as he wants. There is no need to provide any private info. Even full name is optional but helpful if you want other fencers to be able to find you.

You can also find your mates or other fencers around the world, see their profiles, and compare yourself with them.

No one can watch and judge your data, so the only person in control is yourself.

What’s next for the app?

Firstly, Fencing Freaks team wants to create great community around the project and listen advices and concepts from other fencers.

On application’s menu we can see that some features are already planned.

  • Achievements – some targets to complete for fun
  • Friends – to better organize fencers you know and want to observe more often
  • Rankings – let’s see who trains the most or has the most doubles in saber!
  • Clubs – a lot of functions for club’s members and instructors

Which ones will appear first? It may depend on the wishes of the community. Also, community will decide about other features which are not planned yet.

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