What is the goal here?

HEMA is getting bigger. Which is awesome.

But size means more information, and more information soon becomes a torrent of news about our favourite hobby, sport, martial art.

Every week I’ll sift through this for you and bring you what I consider the most interesting videos, events, stories from the HEMAsphere.

I’ll make that choice by applying my decade of HEMA experience and more than that as a professional journalist.


My name is Borislav Krustev and I am (for now) the single editor of this project.

I am an assistant-instructor at School of Historical Swordsmanship “Motus” in Sofia, Bulgaria. Everything I know of swordsmanship and most I know about being a good human being I learned from my instructor – Miroslav Lesichkov.

What pays for my swords is my job as a political reporter in the Bulgarian news site and magazine ClubZ.bg.