Video Digest #9 – Fiore, beginners and the Franco-Belgian game

The week passed quickly, and another trove of HEMA videos came with it.

A huge part of them were single fights from various tournaments, and while I enjoy those, you can easily find them online.

So I’ll focus more on the other, more substantial videos.

Oh, and while I do not like to advertise my own stuff, I received a new sharp sword this week and made a short video of solo cutting exercises with it and a buckler. It is made by Arma Bohemia and after some time I will make a review on it.

The first largo plays of Fiore dei Liberi

Our favourite Italian, Federico Malagutti, makes another great video yet again, this time focusing on the first two largo plays in Fiore dei Liberi’s longsword. I am glad Federico is doing better videos every time, balancing his demonstrations with speaking better, adding graphics when needed, and keeping the actions tight and sensible.

Before and After – beginners sparring

We all start as beginners. And most of us get better. A lot can happen in a month or a year of training. In the 21st century, that is a comparison we can easily make. This is the basic premise of Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo FVG’s video series – Before and After. In the second episode, they present some of their first year students doing sparring with synthetic side swords. And, I have to say, not doing badly at all. I am sure they will look at those videos and laugh in a year – I have been there. But you should check them out, too.

Franco-Belgian rules tournament?

Have you heard of the Franco-Belgian rules? It is a late longsword ruleset with some very special, and some might say weird rules. Strikes are with the flat, every successful hit narrows the hitting zone – so a hit to the torso means you have to hit above that – and strikes between the hand and elbow and foot and knee are not allowed. This was a way to demonstrate relatively safely great skill and precision, not a way to show who is the best fighter. It is awesome the guys from OCHS America tried to make such a tourney. Enjoy.

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