Video Digest #13 – Bayonets, Mexico and more Dussack for all

We have reached 13 digests… in 13 weeks. I’ve always loved the dirty dozen.

Sadly, there are not 13 videos this week – but definitely more than usual. It is getting warm, and people seem to be outside with cameras and swords more often.

One of the best videos I saw was this great video from the Mexican event Encuentro 2019 – sadly, it is on Facebook and non-embeddable. Congratulations to the team and their awesome work and to Jorge Diaz Zamora, whose camera really sees HEMA the right way.

So let us start with…

Bayonets? Really?

I do not get bayonets. It is, practically speaking, a really crappy spear. But I do get variety and exploration. And the guys from Academy of Historical Fencing make it dynamic and fun to watch. You know, as much as bayonet can be fun. These are new and from Blackfencer, so they at least have that going for them.

Sidesword? Rapier? Sword?

Matt Easton explains the latest “big HEMA discussion” – is there such thing as a sidesword, or is every complex-hilted sword a rapier? Short answer – of course there is. But listen to Matt.

Instructors sparring with broadswords? Yeah!

I love watching sparring, but even more than that I love sparring by really good fencers. Jay and Nick are really good fencers and it shows. And it is a spar, not a tourney fight, so adrenaline is much more measured. Fun bout.

Is the spadroon a straight saber?

I do not really get all the drama with spadroons and this video does not really help. I mean – it seems the spadroon is a pretty sensible straight saber. Maybe it is just the guys from OCHS America who are so good with it. But the wretched thing seems to work really well against saber.

Finally! A rapier and cloak video where they hit with the cloak…

Yes, this is how I wanna see it. It is a piece of heavy textile, so of course it is going to be useful in actively hitting the opponent’s rapier, not just putting it in front and hoping the other guy will get tangled. Good, dynamic spar from the guys of EGF HEMA – so dynamic they almost do not stay in sight.

New Dussack series – from the HFA

The Historical Fencing Affiliates are starting a new series – on Meyer’s dussack, that weird, leathery, whipping thing the French use naked. I am always glad to see more fun, serious and focused projects like that and I love the depth they achieve in just a few minutes. Great, and good luck to them!

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