Video Digest #14 – Bloss vs Harnisch

It seems for the first time I have decided to note one video clip in the title.

And there is a reason for it – I have been hoping someone with the proper equipment will do it.

Of course, it is…

Armoured vs unarmoured sparring

It was time for someone other than John Clements to try sparring with just a longsword against someone in full plate (almost), and do it with protection for the bloss guy as well. It turns out that people in armour can pretty effectively use bloss techniques when against someone without harness. The total domination of the armoured fighter is also quite clear, despite the experimental and measured fencing. Nice job by the guys from Cymbrogi WMA in Oklahoma, US.

New longsword series!

I am always happy to see HEMA series with a clear script and idea. This is a good start from the guys at the Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association, part of the HFA, with some rarely mentioned details on the Liechtenauer principles. I feel there are some details missing; hopefully we will see them in the next parts.

A Rearguard mask review

I tried a Rearguard as I passed through Croatia last year on the way back to Dijon. It was very comfortable, solid, and felt like a good HEMA-specific upgrade of the modern fencing mask. And no, the partial mesh protection on the back is not the only special thing. I had a chance to wear it for a few minutes, so I have been waiting for some more thorough tests and reviews. My current mask is pretty new, but it seems my next one may be a Rearguard. Nice job by HEMA Reviews.

And finally, some sword and buckler sparring

I love sparring videos, and especially from the guys of Sala Batallador in Zaragoza, Spain. Awesome clip as always, although I do wish to see them more with steel and at a higher force and speed, as well as at a slow and more technical pace.

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