Video Digest #10 – RDs are good, synths are okay, HEMA is in the Philippines too

I am late again this week, but besides the Video Digest and the opinion piece, I have much more to offer you in the following days.

Sometimes discussions bring out a reaction in us – HEMA video makers – and that is when we create some especially fun videos.

For example, I was reacting to last week’s discussion on dual sword wielding, when I made this short sparring video on two arming swords versus longsword, sword and buckler and sword and heater shield.

Matt Easton had another topic…

The Red Dragons are good for what they are

Really! While Matt is defending the cheap, modified Lacrosse gloves everyone wants to criticize specifically for sabre use, our school has found out they are good for other things as well. Arming sword, sword and buckler, side sword – in fact, I have competed twice with them in sidesword. Yes, they are not protective enough for longsword, but they cost 60 EUR, come on.

Mixed Weapon King of the Hill, hell yeah!

While I am not a fan of synthetics, they are very good for one thing – mixed weapons sparring. The guys from the Phoenix Society in the US demonstrate that concept in their cool King of the hill spar/club tourney, where they go through 5 different weapons. Of course, the rapier wins at the end.

See like a sword!

La Sala d’Armе Achille Marozzo Gens Iulia – god, those Italians really need shorter names for their clubs – present a curious sidesword and sword & cloak video, where you look from the point of view of the sword. There have been a couple of such videos, I’ve personally made one, and they are fun to watch and a curious way to experience fencing. Sadly, we cannot safely include them in tournaments.

Sparring group in the Philippines? Awesome!

By now you guys probably know I enjoy seeing people from faraway places practising HEMA (although these guys are closer than Australia and the same distance from me as Seattle). So a shout out to the sparring group in the Philippines, practising hard under the hot sun on the archipelago. I would love to visit them someday, they seem to be on the right track!

3 thoughts on “Video Digest #10 – RDs are good, synths are okay, HEMA is in the Philippines too

  1. Hi,
    Some years ago one of our students moved to Malaysia and he wanted to continue to practice HEMA. So he started a school in Malaysia and yes! He has got some Malaysian students.
    I practice HEMA at ‘de Zwaardkring’ in the Netherlands. The school in Malaysia is part of our school so it’s also called ‘de Zwaardkring’.

    That makes de Zwaardkring a international organisation! How cool is that!

    If you like, you can ask the school for information or contact.


    1. That’s awesome! I think I’ve already featured those guys here 2 weeks ago, but thank you for the note, I’ve been thinking of doing an article about faraway HEMA clubs!


  2. The full name is actually Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo Friuli Venezia Giulia, so, yeah, it’s even longer! 😉
    Fun fact: Gens Iulia is the name of the channel, which comes from the roman family (gens) Iulia, because Giulio Cesare (Iulius Ceasar) founded the city of Forum Iulii who later gave the name to the Whole region, Friuli. That city with time changed its name to Cividale, ever heard it? Yep, that’s Fiore dei Liberi’s city (and where I was born too, guess it was fate!)
    Oh, btw, we use both Rad Dragons and Black Fencer’s swords, and both work great for us! 😉


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