Two ways to make version 1.5 of a HEMA product

Just today, the Arming Guild, HEMA seller and producer, announced a big discount on their Rearguard mask.

The rest of their supply will cost 120 EUR, cheaper by a few euros than even the most basic 1600N fencing masks.

The concept of a meshed, partial back-of-the-head protector is not groundbreaking, but it is a good idea that calls for testing and might produce a better HEMA mask.

I’ve tried the Rearguard (although I have not tested it) and it is a solid product, comfortable and protective. The good news is, the Arming Guild is working on a new version.

Recently, Neyman Fencing announced they are working on a new version of the Armadillo Gauntlets after numerous bad reviews, noting Red Dragons as a better product (for the price and level of protection), and finding glaring flaws in protection and usability.

Did Neyman promise to send the new version to their early adopters? Or offer a discount on the upgrade? No, not for now. In a way, they used the people who trusted them first as beta testers for a flawed and unfinished product. Which is 333 EUR, making it the most expensive glove on the market.

“Remember please, as always Neyman Fencing will reward their customers delays, and nobody will be left behind feeling sorry.”

Neyman Fencing

Cheap coming from a company infamous for its delays and constant lying to customers.

But overall a good example of a good and a bad way to make a new version of your product. One company is giving a chance for people to support it and still get a good product at a great price, another is using them as guinea pigs that pay to be experimented upon.

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