Video Digest #7 – Some buckler, some staff, and a full tournament!

I am quite sure if Fiore, Liechtenauer, Meyer and all the rest of them had smartphones and YouTube accounts, they would film fencing like crazy…

They did not, but we do! So, lets look at another week of great HEMA videos.

Helsinki Open 2019 – or 5 hours of varied fencing

More and more tourneys go for the full live stream of eliminations and finals, and the biggest Finnish tourney is no exception. Even if you missed it, you can easily enjoy the 5 hours of open and womens longsword, single hit singlestick and cutting tourneys from this Sunday. Of course, you will also witness the terrible drop in judging quality for the finals – so typical for long tourneys – and the less than stellar reaction of the silver medalist. But that is Live TV – nothing is edited, everything remains for eternity online.

There are two types of swords…

I will admit – I expected a different dichotomy here. Functionally in my opinion the two fundamental types of swords are one-handed and two-handed. In historical context, however, Matt Easton’s two “types” are much more important. Awesome video, and quite succinct for the Master of Context.

Staff sparring and its limitations

Another sparring video from the British Academy of Historical fencing, this time on a relatively rare weapon – the short staff. We see it in Meyer, Mair, and in a few other places, but people rarely pay it much attention. The guys from AHF are going at it with rattans, because real staffs (read: wooden) make concussions easy. Of course, this has a drawback – recovering from a one-handed blow with the staff, which is particularly popular in the living EMA Jogo do Pau, is much easier with such a light weapon.

Federico Malagutti on changing through in I.33

I am not a fan of most sword and buckler people out there – in fact, I can probably count the people I consider good with s&b in HEMA on one hand. I was not that much of a fan of Federico two years ago or even a year ago, but this video shows how much he has advanced in that time.

Actions are sharp, explanations are detailed (albeit a bit static), and everything is done with real force in gear – no need for me to imagine actual pressure and aliveness. It is there. Yes, the particular demonstration of the counterbind and thrust in I.33 is isolated for demonstrative purposes, but that is completely fine.

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